Avalon?! What's that?

Avalon is the perfect mix between RPG and roguelike.
Wander around town, explore the dangerous islands and collect weapons!
The game is in early stage of development. 


WASD to move, E to interact with chest, boats etc. LEFT-CLICK to shoot, SCROLL to switch weapons. Good luck! ;)

(If this isn't you preference you can change keybinds in the settings menu)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


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You should make a downloadable version for Windows

So much ocean! The only time I found the big guy we killed ourselves mutually and there's too much ocean to go looking for him again. That water gun is fun, is it suppose to make enemies drop a random amount of coins though? I did spend the whole game thinking a single coin drop per kill was way too little

Hey, thanks for the comment. No, the water gun isn't supposed to do that... I'll also make them drop more coins, thanks!